Pain Management

Geriatric physiotherapy for pain management and complex care needs

Successful physiotherapy for pain management in aged care

Dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis can be debilitating. For frail and aged people, the distress of pain can reduce your resident’s quality of, and outlook on, life.

In 2017, Painaustralia estimated that one in two aged care residents in Australia are living in pain, with over 80% experiencing chronic pain. Furthermore, due to the complexities of dementia and cognitive impairment, residents in pain may go undiagnosed. They may also not report their pain.

Ignite Healthcare provides physiotherapy-led evidence-based pain identification and pain management strategies. Reduced pain often results in:

Less pain medication
Less falls
Reduced pressure areas
Better sleep
Better moods
More socialising

Physiotherapy-led pain management in residential aged care is vital. As specialists in geriatric physiotherapy, Ignite Healthcare will support your residents to manage complex pain with individual and tailored care treatments.

Our best practice pain management physiotherapy treatments and interventions include:

Remedial massage to enhance blood flow and ease muscle tension

Electrotherapy including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Gentle movements and stretching

Exercises for improving strength and balance

Gait retraining to improve balance and reduce falls


Ignite Healthcare effectively treat many forms of pain in your elderly residents via targeted back pain physiotherapy, shoulder pain physiotherapy,
neck pain physiotherapy and sciatica physiotherapy.

Contact Ignite Healthcare today for pain management support and on-site wellness programs for your aged care residents.