Facility Support

Supporting aged care facilities to deliver quality care

ACFI Consultancy: Need to maximise your government funding?


Ignite Healthcare’s knowledge of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) combined with understanding the care needs of your residents is a great way to unlock critical funds your facility may be entitled to.

Maintaining and improving your services to your residents requires funding support via government subsidies that our team can help you get. In fact, our gap analysis will ensure you’re receiving your maximum government support.

Our ACFI consultancy work includes:

a full systematic review and audit to comply with ACFI standards
liaising with your staff and ACFI coordinators
identifying opportunities to boost your facility’s ACFI funding
helping you submit ACFI applications, claims and re-appraisals correctly

Contact us today for more info or to engage our ACFI consultancy support for your facility.



Accreditation: Need support to comply with industry standards?


Ignite Healthcare understand the accreditation standards aged care facilities are required to meet. This means we can make your accreditation process easy.

We’ll ‘audit’ your documents in advance, highlight where and what corrections are required, and help you make any changes to be compliant.

Plus, we can be on hand during your accreditation or review meeting to support your facility.

We’re well versed in helping aged care facilities be compliant for the following Accreditation Standards:

 1- Consumer Dignity and Choice
 2- Ongoing Assessments and Planning with Consumer
3- Personal Care and Clinical Care
4- Services and Supports for Daily Living
5- Organisations Service  and Environment
6- Feedback and Complaints
7- Human Resources
8- Organisational Governance

Contact us today for details or to engage our accreditation support for your facility.

Training: Need to educate or upskill your aged care employees?

Ignite Healthcare physiotherapists are equipped to provide aged care training and refresher courses to your team; to keep them up to date with the latest knowledge, industry standards and accreditation requirements.

Such staff training – which can be arranged to suit shift schedules – is delivered in interactive practical sessions and theoretical classes for best practice outcomes.


Our physiotherapy Manual Handling training

provides your staff with a solid working knowledge of Worksafe Victoria recommendations to the level of competency required. The program will comply with physiotherapy accreditation standards for manual handling training; ensuring your aged care staff know how to identify and reduce hazards and risks, use equipment safely and minimise injuries and falls.


Our Injury Management training

offers an early intervention model designed to:

 reduce your facility’s WorkCover claims and associated costs, i.e. higher premiums
 minimise lost productivity due to workplace injuries
 reduce the number of sick days taken by injured employees
 assess your workplace and ergonomic needs
 identify and manage workplace risks


Furthermore, this training will help improve outcomes for your staff when they return to work after injury; giving them the skills to plan a successful and productive return to work.


Enquire about Manual Handling and Injury Management training for your staff, today.