Aged Care Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Services

Greater mobility, health and quality of life for you

Ignite Healthcare are Australian-qualified physiotherapists and occupational therapists specialising in aged care services for both home care and residential aged care facilities.

With careful attention to your patient needs, we conduct in-home and on-site assessments to determine the best therapeutic approach. We also offer virtual telehealth consultations when face-to-face appointments aren’t possible.

In-home Aged Care


Our home visits provide specialist aged care, delivered by highly experienced clinicians who come to you. These assessments and appointments can be arranged via a government-funded Home Care Package (HCP) or as a private home visit, funded by the patient. 


Home Care Packages (HCP)

Providing professional physio and OT services to Home Care Package recipients in the comfort of your own home.


Private Home Visits

Convenient and individualised physiotherapy and occupational therapy services provided at home to private clients.

Residential Aged Care


Our core services for residential aged care facilities are designed to be affordable and great value. Further, we tailored physiotherapy programs for aged care residents including pain management, and provide support to facility managers and aged care staff.


Pain Management

Best practice treatments and interventions with physiotherapy-led pain management programs.


Tailored Programs

We offer cost-effective physiotherapy packages and programs, in addition to our on-site patient treatments.


Facility Support

Our funding, accreditation and staff training knowledge will help your residential aged care facility prosper.